Types of Professional Coaching & Benefits of Executive Coaching

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We focus on building a strong foundation and imparting knowledge to everyone who is dedicated to bringing out the best in themselves.

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We take great pride in declaring that Newfieldasia coaching certification programs are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). In 2019, Newfieldasia became The Coach Partnership.

In this column, we’ll further discuss different types of training and some of the key benefits of ontological coaching.

Professional coaching

There are various types of
 professional coaching and we are here to bring out the most significant ones to
 make out a better decision for you:

  • Performance coaching:

This coaching activity is focused on upgrading an individual’s performance in their current role
at work, to augment his/her efficiency
 and output at work. By and large, such coaching receives its model and modules from the company as well as general psychosomatic

  • Skills coaching.

Skills coaching focuses on the core skill that an employee requires to execute in their role. It provides a supple, and “just-in-time” approach for skill development.

  • Business coaching.

Business coaching is always performed within the constraints applied to the individual or group by the organizational 

is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is basically meant to enhance one’s skills and abilities. In today’s
scenario, executive coaching is 
required more than ever before and has been considered a significant factor for the development and bringing of a change in the organization and its

Ontological coaching is required by the management to instil self-confidence and skillfulness
within employees, which would help them to be a leader.

Earlier, executive coaching was considered a tool used as an alternative for executives facing behavioral or personality issues which could be a threat to the development of the dynamics and culture of the organization.

Of late, executive coaching has been considered a developmental tool
for prospective executives taking up additional/new responsibilities or, in
general, looking for auxiliary information.

In this frequently upgrading business parameter, executive coaching is 
likely to be an essential part of any organization as it would provide immense 
knowledge to managers and executives as
they move toward their new position.

Benefits of executive coaching

The rapid
 growth of the executive coaching
 activity occurred simply because it sort out the issue and simplify the work

coaches use methodologies such as 360-degree feedback or psychological
 assessments to conduct the coaching relationship. As a matter of fact, executive
 coaching results in superior output and increased leadership efficiency.

Besides, executive coaching has helped managers and executives set explicit goals and demand areas of improvement from their leadership.

The proper implication of executive coaching has aided managers to set and achieve
new heights.

Who is executive coaching for?

Executive coaching is, in general, required by whosoever is seeking 
to provide a different perspective to his/ her leave.

However, on professional grounds,
we can shortlist the below leaders/executive, who would require this coaching:

  • Budding young leaders
  • Executives who are planning to switch industry
  • C level executives
  • Executives with leadership or management know-how
  • Managers or Heads of business units –be it
operational, functional, or technical
  • Executives aiming toward management


is ontological coaching?

Ontological coaching is a relatively new field that is growing in popularity. It is a type of coaching that focuses on ontology or the study of being. Ontological coaching helps people to understand their own existence and how it impacts their lives.

There are many benefits to ontological coaching. Some of the key benefits include:

– improved self-awareness

– greater clarity and understanding of life purpose and goals

– enhanced communication and relationships skills

– increased resilience and adaptability

Ontological coaching is for anyone who wants to explore their own existence and how it impacts their lives. It is suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds. In an ontological coaching session, the coach and client will work together to explore the client’s ontology – or understanding of being. This can involve discussing topics such as purpose, values, beliefs, and goals. The coach will help the client to reflect on their ontology and how it impacts their life. Sessions typically last around an hour.

What should I expect from ontological coaching?

Each person’s experience with ontological coaching will be different. However, you can generally expect to gain a greater understanding of your own existence and how it impacts your life. You will also develop enhanced communication and relationships skills, and increased resilience and adaptability. ontological coaching can help you to live a more fulfilling life.

In a nutshell, coaching can make a lot of difference in your
 growth and development and can help you to lead a life towards accomplishment.

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